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Hey Everyone!

I just found the best poker site. It is called

When you sign up please use the bonus code julie13

Why is it called Face Up?

If you have a webcam and audio set up, you can be seen and heard at the tables.

Other features

They also have league play. If you are an affiliate you can set up your own league (a league of your own ;-)

The tables run under flash, but Mac users are playing on the site so it must be possible. That would deal in Linux users as well.

Affiliate Program has a great affiliate program as well, if you want a share of the rake. If you sign up using my code of julie13 you help me too. A tip for you: when you sign up for your affiliate program, use your nickname as your bonus code. It makes it simpler.

Look For Me at the Tables!

You can find me most of the time at one of the tables. Just look for Julie13